This scene of the divine dance around the sleeping Gooma is observed by a tired group of pilgrims, wandering eyewitnesses of Govra. Witnesses to the culmination of many large and small undertakings, the endings of which she revealed to the world. And this dance is a gift to them, an unexpected miracle at the end of the road.

The hourglass burst with a quite clang, Gooma flinched and opened his eyes. Govra and her round dance disappeared.

The pilgrims are begging Gooma to call Govra again, but not for nothing: to become a Petitioner, to help stop those who endlessly continue doing the same thing. Those who do not see the finish line and run around in a circle, who sneeze until they turn blue, who dig a hole even though they cannot get out any more, who chatter incessantly even when they are asleep, who lie all the time, who have counted everything many times and cannot stop.